Maze Mission Lasergame – The Laser Maze Parcours!

Discover your Maze Mission Lasergame

Maze Mission is constructed as a laser course entirely individual for the customer. The size of the game and thus the length of the laser tunnel can change with each version of Maze Mission. Also different zones and laser tasks can be integrated. Depending upon the length of the game, up to 120 gamers per hour can enjoy the laser adventure.


Lasegame variants

Maze Mission is highly variable in design and like that completely individual in its form. Maze Mission is thus not only one game, but many. It offers countless options and is one of a kind at each location. Every customer gets his very own laser game; no installation is similar to the next.

For example: we installed Maze Mission in leisure parks as independent game. In museums on the other hand, the game entertains small “art robbers” while their parents are watching the art pieces. Also on trade shows Maze Mission attracts many visitors onto your booth by providing a special entertainment component. Of course Maze Mission can also be a part of a larger game and be integrated in an existing game landscape. Another possibility: as a highlight the laser game enriches indoor playgrounds. We would love to realize also your own idea and vision of maze Mission, just speak to us!

Size Versions

How many meters the gamer has to pass? Are there curves in the game or not? Maze Mission can be adapted to every location and place. No matter if it should be a short laser course or wide adventure landscape with laser technics.

Graphic Versions

Depending on the surrounding where the laser game is integrated, we adapt the decorative graphics and the look of the game. Should the laser challenge be futuristic like a mission on another star in space or is it an agent thriller inside a maximum security prison? It doesn’t matter, we are creative for you!

Laser Versions

How many laser beams are blocking the path? Are the beams moving or not? Does the gamer have to catch the beams? All that is definable by you. Also the color of the laser beams is selectable.

Effect Versions

By using fog, sound and light effects the atmosphere and tension can be loaded up additionally. Here we have no limits and realize the most abstract and extravagant ideas.

Screen Option

At the outside wall of the entrance zone we can mount flat screens,  which show the progression of the gamer inside the game course. We install cameras inside the game to do this. Watchers or people who are waiting get an insight into the game from outside. The audience gets curious and thinks how they could do it better themselves – the waiting time goes by quite fast with this entertaining screen.

Target Picture Option

If the laser game is mastered, a target picture records the success. If the target button is pressed, a camera takes a picture of the gamer. On this picture he can also see his time and reached score to compare with the other gamers. The picture is a nice souvenir for the laser hero.

The possibilities of Maze Mission are really unlimited!

Let your imagination run wild and envision your laser game in brightest colors. Together we will create a concept for your Maze Mission, born from your visions and our ideas.

Exemplary we describe a possible set-up of Maze Mission here:

maze mission

Waiting Zone

The gamers wait for their turn outside the laser course of Maze Mission. In order to shorten the waiting time, they can watch the player inside the game via a live screen. As audience the gamers see how the active player masters the laser battle and think of their own strategy.

maze mission
funovation maze


The player enters the dark playground through a door. The game path is blocked by bright red laser beams. He can select his level of difficulty on a touch screen. By pressing the start button, a countdown ‘3, 2, 1,…’ starts the game.

maze mission
happy kid

First Zone

During this first challenge the gamer has to go through the field of red laser beams without touching them. The time also counts. Every move is possible: jumping, rolling, or crawling. If a beam is touched, an alarm sound signals penalty points.

maze mission

Second Zone

Here the gamer faces a field of blue and red laser beams. As quick as possible he has to catch only the blue beams. If red beams are touched, he gets a penalty time. If all blue beams are catched, a door to the last challenge opens automatically.

maze mission
laser maze mission

Third Zone

Now it gets extremely demanding. A random generator controls moving, green laser beams and tests the complete attention and agility of the gamer. No beam must be touched. Again full body effort is needed.

maze mission
maze mission laser happy girl


At the end of the third zone, the gamer reaches the target button. By pushing it, he stops his time, which is comparable with the times of his friends. If he achieves a best time, he can inscribe himself in the high score list.

maze mission

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